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Boeing and Airbus Simulation

Flight Training combining latest technologies with traditional techniques. SimJet Center, is expanding and preparing to move to the new location at the Dallas Executive Airport.

B737NG $9,750*

Type Rating Super-Deal

*Deal available for students that qualify! Please inquire for details!

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We are booking the schedule spring/ summer 2019 737 type rating classes! The objective is obvious: Add training quality and success by use of today's technology. For your pre-class training and ground school enhancement we have available highly efficient FAA approved 737 and A320 AATD Advanced Aviation Training Devices. The result is an easier and better training preparation as well as a more proficient pilot.


Sim by the Hour

If any of the following apply to you- the Sim by the hour program is what you need: Participating in any of our Sim training classes and need a little extra "boost"? Starting out, just wanting to a get a gist of "Jetspeed"? A little rusty, not flown for a while? Our Sim by the Hour program is simulated flight training in our B737NG or A320 AATD, FTD and FFS training devices.


Recurrent and more

Our recurrent training combines traditional modules with enhanced features. For your pre-class training and enhancement we have available highly efficient FAA approved 737 and A320 AATD Advanced Aviation Training Devices.

We also have available: recency of experience and instrument proficiency classes.

B737NG and A320


Attention! This program is not yet available! FAA regulations for all pilots seeking an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with multiengine privileges require to complete an FAA-approved ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP) prior to taking the ATP knowledge test. The training has to include classroom training of at least 30 hours and simulator training of at least 10 hours.

For You

Beginners to Pros

Flight students If you are in training for small aircraft with a commercial pilot career in mind you want to get warmed up. You want to look ahead of your propeller- what comes next. Get a grip on understanding how jet airliners are functioning and operating. Get ahead of the game. We are using state of the art Advanced Aviation Training Devices, Level5 FTDs and Level D full motion flight simulators.

ATP pilots who are adding another type rating to their resume or who need to spend some extra time in the training device in preparation for an upcoming recurrent or to practice normal and non-normal procedures as an ongoing safety measure. Our individual sim time rates are highly competitive and can help soothe the nerves and prepare any pilot in these situations.

Proven Results

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Highest Efficiency 100%
Progressive Learning 100%
Best Technology 100%
Extra AATD Training Time 100%
Ace the Checkride 100%